Perspectives, ideas, community

Perspectives, ideas, community
By: Posted: June 23, 2023

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The role of chief marketing officer has never been more complex than it is today.

Digital transformation, economic upheaval, societal change, and a fragmented media landscape are just some of the intricacies marketing leaders are confronting.

CMO Insider convenes case studies, research, and personal perspectives, to inspire and inform CMOs and their teams as they build and grow their brands.

Most Innovative CMOs 2023

Our annual list of “Most Innovative CMOs” presents 25 top marketers who are confronting the industry’s most complex challenges. 




Series Editors: Julia Hood, Ryan Joe
Reporters: Lauren Johnson, Lara O’Reilly, Michael Kaminer
Design and Development: Alyssa Powell, Chay Thawaranont, Kazi Awal, Will Varner
Social Audience Producers and Editors: Tanita Gaither




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