Announcing: Blender Collectibles

Blender Collectible Figurines
Collectible figurines of Ellie and Rex, from Sprite Fright open movie.

Visitors who walked in around the offices at the Blender Headquarters, would have noticed a large variation of collectible figurines everywhere. These figurines are mostly characters from well known movies and games. Made of durable PVC, the figurines have a stunning quality and detail level that’s not possible to do with 3D printing – and certainly not as affordable. Wouldn’t it be just amazing to have a collectible series with the beloved open movie characters?

A year ago Ton Roosendaal contacted a renowned factory of designer toys, Demeng Toys in China. Working with them the Blender team learned a lot of how the production process goes for high quality characters.

It then was decided to go for a test batch of two Sprite Fright characters, 1500 copies each. If sales work out as expected, these characters then will be the first of a 30+ series of figurines, ranging all the way from Elephants Dream to the latest Blender open movie.

Last week, the container ship with the boxes arrived in the harbor of Rotterdam. Currently the goods are waiting to be declared for customs. When they arrive in the office, the figures will be sent out right away.

Standard figurine box price is 49 euro (or 49 usd). Blender Studio subscribers get 25% off on all figurine orders.

As for all products we sell on, the proceeds will go to fund Blender projects.

Ton Roosendaal
CEO Blender Foundation



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