Drop Dead: The Cabin Is Getting A Mixed Reality Mode

Defend your home from flesh-hungry zombies later this year.

Released earlier this year on Meta Quest headsets, Drop Dead: The Cabin is a fast-paced first-person action game that tasks you and your friends with surviving hordes of deadly proto-zombies while completing a variety of unique objectives scattered throughout a haunted cabin located deep in the woods.

Earlier today, VR developer Soul Assembly (Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister VR) revealed a free update coming soon to Quest 3 and Quest Pro headsets: “MR mode.” Available later this year, this immersive game mode transforms your home into a location-based mixed reality experience.

Rather than battling proto-zombies in VR, enemies come to life in your real world space. According to the team, creatures will actually break down your doors and climb through your windows, all for a quick taste of that sweet brain of yours. Virtual objects and enemies blend seamlessly with the virtual world, promising a horrifying and mind-bending experience.

“Announcing Drop Dead: The Cabin MR mode for the Meta Quest 3 & Pro is a thrilling moment for us,” said Joe Waterworth, from Soul Assembly’s publishing team. “We set out to make the perfect game to blow the minds of friends and family alike and really showcase the power of mixed-reality gaming. Collaborating closely with Meta on this project has broadened our scope of what’s achievable with mixed reality.“

These mixed reality visuals are powered by the high-resolution colored passthrough featured on Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3. Check out this video to see Drop Dead: The Cabin MR Mode in action on Quest 3 along with a handful of other mixed reality experiences.

Feature Image Credit: Soul Assembly

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