VR Giants Is A Behemoth Size Co-Op Game For PC VR

You can pick the game up for 10% off if you hurry!

After years of development, the asymmetrical VR co-op game VR Giants has finally launched in early access on PC VR headsets. In this giant-size multiplayer game, developed by Risa Interactive, one VR player and one gamepad player must team up to overcome a variety of unique platforming challenges.

Taking on the role of a massive giant, the VR player (Goliath) is tasked with safely guiding and protecting the gamepad player (David) as they traverse a variety of unique environments (Ice, Desert, Volcano, Pasture) in search of virtual coins to open gates and progress through each level.

It’s up to Goliath to protect David from the various dangers littered throughout each level, such as fires and spikes. This can be done by manipulating the environment. VR players can use their motion controllers to create rudimentary bridges or remove large obstructions.

David, on the other hand, must coordinate effectively with Goliath in order to safely navigate their way through each challenge. Goliath is bound to specific locations by a chain. In order to progress through each level, David can summon Goliath to new play areas and use their body as a bridge or elevator.

Credit: Risa Interactive

VR Giants is available now in Early Access on PC VR headsets via Steam for $16.19 (10% off). At launch, the game features a total of 19 levels spread across 4 unique biomes, promising roughly 6 hours of gameplay. There are even in-game cosmetics for both David and Goliath as well as three giant types (Solid, Temporary, and Lava).

Moving forward, Risa Interactive hopes to launch the full game in late 2023/early 2024 with additional levels, an outro to conclude the campaign story, and various other improvements. For more information visit vrgiants.com.

Feature Image Credit: Risa Interactive

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