You can turn Mario into an elephant in the upcoming 2D Super Mario Bros. game

During today’s Nintendo Direct (June 21), viewers were treated to a lot of Mario content. Not only will we be getting a remake of Super Mario RPG by the end of the year, but we’ll be able to enjoy Mario and some 2D action in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder on October 20.

In a trailer shown off at the Nintendo Direct that felt a lot like a fever dream, we got a glimpse of what to expect. This new game is borrowing heavily from the style of New Super Mario Bros. which first launched on the Nintendo DS in 2006, but there are a lot of new elements for us to unpack.

First and foremost, there’s new power-ups for Mario to use! The most notable one shown off during the Nintendo Direct saw Mario eating a strange fruit and turning into an elephant. If he’s capable of doing that, then God knows what else we’ll see him turning into during Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I doubt we’ll see him becoming a car like Kirby in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but who knows?

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