I’m really looking forward to tucking into Nour: Play With Your Food later this year

“Olivia, get the bowls and chopsticks ready to eat dinner,” my mum asks 10 year old me. I do as I’m told, taking them to the dinner table. In childish, whimsical fashion as a childish, whimsical child, I grab my pair of chopsticks and start hitting them together as if I’m a drummer. “Olivia, don’t do that,” my mum scolds me. “Your grandma always used to tell me off when I did that as a child.” Sullenly, I put the chopsticks back down on the table.

Well, 10 year old me, you’re in for a treat. If you wait a couple of decades, you’ll learn of Nour: Play With Your Food, a game which allows you to bang together chopsticks. The game wants you to. Nour is a physics simulation of a variety of foods, where you can choose the ingredients for the dish and add various “effects” of a non-culinary nature.

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