Solve Crimes In AR By Interrogating AI Suspects

Solve Crimes In AR By Interrogating AI Suspects
By: Kyle Melnick Posted: June 23, 2023

Time for some good old-fashioned good cop, bad cop.

Earlier this week, indie game developer Prologue XR released the latest episode for its interactive true crime app, CrimeTrip. Available now on iOS & Android devices, The Heist of the Century uses Chat-GPT to immerse you in realistic interrogations powered by conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

Based on true facts, this latest episode tasks you with investigating an armored truck heist that took place in Montreal’s business center way back in 1976. As the lead detective, it’s up to you to interrogate five unique suspects and convince one of them to become your mole.

Credit: Prologue XR

Each suspect is powered by AI based on Chat-GPT. You can ask virtually any question and receive a realistic and natural response from each suspect. Azure speech-to-text allows you to communicate with AI characters using your own voice, further immersing you in your role as a veteran cop (possibly a loose cannon one who doesn’t play by the rules).

The CrimeTrip app was built using the Unity AR Foundation game engine. You can scan your real-world space to generate a virtual interrogation room which you can then explore by physically moving your environment. According to Prologue XR, this latest episode lasts roughly 45 to 60 minutes. That said, conversational AI should provide plenty of opportunities in terms of replayability.

“In our interrogation game, we capitalize on the fact that Large Language Models (LLM) are very powerful but sometimes hallucinate “fabricated content”, just like very intelligent criminals lies about their alibi or affiliations,” said Jonathan Rouxel, creative director of Prologue XR, in an official release.

CrimeTrip integrates this innovative technology by presenting players with AI-based characters that can understand and interact with users in a highly realistic manner, eliminating the need for scripted animations or conversations,” added Fernando Silva Da Luz, senior developer of Prologue XR.

CrimeTrip is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Prologue XR

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